Latvian Beer

Anyone who likes beer and is thinking of visiting Latvia may consider to try some of the local brews that Latvia has to offer.

Tasting local Beer
Tasting local Beer

And let me tell you, there is no shortage of great tasting Latvian beers waiting to be drunk! Beer in Latvian is known as Alus an important word to know!

Hops and barely are the traditional ingredients for Latvian beer and you may find some example such as Honey beers or flavoured beers still being produced today. The Latvian folklore songs document the use of beer and the Latvian love for beer on many occasions and throughout important festivals such as midsummer you can still here people singing these classic Latvian folk songs even today.

For a traditional Latvian lager experience look out for Tērvetes alus, one of the rare breweries that still use only local ingredients – all malts, hops and water come from Tērvetes parish in southern Latvian region Zemgale where it’s located since 1971. Užavas alus is the standard – for many years the most expensive bottled beer in Latvia, this superb lager is sold in only two varieties – light and dark. Valmiermuižas alus is a relatively new brewery but has earned quite a reputation over a short span of time. Besides classic lagers, they also offer elderflower beer and “burned beer”with 42% alcohol content.

Smaller Latvian breweries from across Latvia are also plentiful, so have a look out for them as you travel around this fantastic country. One of our favourite Latvian craft breweries is Malduguns, located in Rauna parish in Videzeme. It has quickly become the most popular miscrobrew in this country doing all from pale ales, double IPAs and pumpkin stouts. Labietis is Riga’s only microbrewery located in city centre and you can actually see the work being put into making their beverages as you leisurely sip your beer, sitting behind the glass wall that’s the only thing separating you from the brewing equipment.

Where to fin all this goodness? If you’re in the Old Town the Folkklubs Ala and Aussie pub are your friends. The first one serves almost 20 different Latvian beers, all from classic lager to hemp-ginger and cranberry beers. Aussie Pub has a good selection of local produce and lucky hours every day, besides their laid back atmosphere. City Centre area has many bars and cafes to try local brews, but if you’re looking to buy for later consumption we suggest Beerfox shop – countless bottles from all over the world and best prices on Baltic craft beers in the city.

Try our Beer and Balsam tour if you want to join us on a tour you will not forget and learn not only about Latvian beer culture but also some history!