Latvian Food & Drink

Latvia is not always the first place that comes to mind when thinking of good food!

Well these days there is wide variety of traditional and contemporary food and drink options throughout the capital of Riga and the countries many smaller towns and cities as well. We are listing here some recommendations for places to eat out in Riga. Also we are offering a selection of Pubs and Bars. For beer lovers we will add more info about Latvian Beer. And of course the mystery of Riga Black Balsam is explained here too.

From the Central Market in Riga to top restaurants there is plenty on offer. Simple lunches or fancy dinners – You can find it all in Riga. Although many restaurants and cafes are located in the Old City we do really encourage people to get out beyond the historic center in order o find some of the best hidden gems!

To get closer to some of Riga’s food options, why not try our Food Tasting Tour or a Beer and Balsam excursion with one of our guides.